10/25/2012 08:23 pm ET Updated Oct 25, 2012

Tommy Thompson Unloaded Seven Iran-Linked Stocks

Wisconsin Senate candidate Tommy Thompson has apparently unloaded all seven of his stocks linked to Iran.

Thompson, the Republican candidate facing Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin, had accused Baldwin of being soft on Iran, but then was revealed by The Huffington Post to have significant investments in companies that do business with the international pariah -- including a uranium mining operation partly owned by Iran, and a company consructing Iran's nuclear reactor.

Thompson said he sold two of the stocks the day he learned of the holdings -- the same day HuffPost asked about them -- and soon his campaign announced that he had sold them all. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel identified two more Thursday, and the Thompson campaign promptly declared that Thompson had gotten rid of those months ago for strategic investment reasons.

Thompson's shares in the seven companies were worth about $40,000. It is unclear how much profit he made in the sales. One of the largest holdings was the mining firm Rio Tinto, which operates a uranium mine in Nambia in which Iran holds a 15 percent ownership stake.



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