10/25/2012 04:03 pm ET

William Craig Rolloff Allegedly Films Women In Shower Area At Hog Farm

There's more than one type of pig on this farm.

William Craig Rolloff, 53, is facing felony charges for allegedly filming female employees -- including a minor -- in an onsite shower area at the Minnesota hog farm where he worked, KNUJ reports.

In September, a woman who worked at Langhorst Pork in Nicollet County came to her supervisor with a camera she said she had noticed in the shower area, according to the Mankato Free Press.

The camera was turned over to the female owner of the hog farm, who reviewed the footage and found two recordings that included footage of herself and three other employees topless, police say. One of the employees filmed was under 18.

A third recording showed a hand hiding the camera. In the fourth, the woman who found the camera appears in a towel.

The first two recordings end with the camera being turned towards Rolloff's face, authorities say. Rolloff's supervisor says he questioned Rolloff, who admitted to filming in the women's shower area on three separate occasions.

A criminal complaint was filed against Rolloff on Monday. He is now facing two felony charges of interfering with the privacy of a minor, and four misdemeanor charges of interfering with privacy.

Hog farms have been troubling places lately. Earlier this month, a farmer who died of unknown causes was eaten by his own hogs in Oregon.



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