10/25/2012 01:51 pm ET Updated Oct 25, 2012

World Series Tickets: Prices For Detroit Tigers Games 3, 4 And 5 Soar At Comerica Park

How badly do you want to see the Detroit Tigers win the World Series before a hometown crowd at Comerica Park?

Better consult your financial counselor first. While a recent tour of shows that there are thousands of World Series tickets for Games 3, 4 and 5 in Detroit available for resale, those historic memories will cost you a pretty penny.

The barrier to entry is steep. Admission to Game 3 of the World Series begins with a single game standing room only ticket priced at $345. No word on whether an enterprising Detroiter will sell sidewalk space outside the gates of Comerica Park.

Planning to roll up to Game 3 with your homies? Snatch up 12 tickets in the front row of the On Deck Circle in section 127 for the (we think) reasonable price of $5,000.

What about an entire classroom of little princesses and Lord Fauntleroys? 32 bleacher seats in row ff of section 106 can be had for $9,997. Are the hot dogs and sodas still included?

There's no way the Tigers can win the best-of-seven series without playing Game 5 in Detroit -- maybe that's why Aretha Franklin is scheduled to deliver the National Anthem (and hopefully the ballgame). Somewhat shockingly, a standing room admission ticket on Monday, Oct. 29 begins at $325 -- that's a $20 discount from Game 3!

But if you're already there, why not spring for two tickets in the stadium's premium lounge, the Motor City Casino Champion Club? You can actually sit by the '68 and '84 World Series trophies while you watch Miggs and Co. bring the 2012 hardware back to Detroit. If you don't mind the cheers from the crowds spoiling the surprises due to the televised tape delay, there are several plasma screen televisions for all your Phantom Cam slow-mo replays. Private bar and restrooms eliminates the sick feeling of being trapped in a stall when Jhonny Peralta hits a homer. Plus an all-you-can-eat dinner and dessert buffet! Better stick some dinner rolls in your pockets, since a pair on StubHub will set you back $5,000. It takes some serious green to watch the Tigers like a champion.

Just make sure you're purchasing tickets from a reputable seller. Dearborn Patch reports that police are on the lookout for Kodi Atkins, who is accused of selling fake ALCS tickets in Detroit via Craigslist under the name of "Fred." He's also been implicated in ticket scams in St. Louis and Chicago.

And if you can't muster up the moolah to make it to Adams and Witherell in person, stay current with all of our Detroit Tigers coverage and check out our slideshow of the best bars to cheer on the Tigers below.

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