10/26/2012 03:12 pm ET

Adam Carolla To Join 'The O'Reilly Factor' On Fox News

Adam Carolla, a radio personality never afraid to share his opinion, will soon have a huge platform to do just that: "The O'Reilly Factor."

Starting on Monday, the host of the popular "Adam Carolla Show" podcast will join Fox News' top-rated program as a weekly contributor, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While Carolla does not formally identify with a political party, many of his views skew libertarian or conservative, similar to "Factor" host Bill O'Reilly. His segments are expected to be similar to those of comedian Dennis Miller, who appears on the show each Wednesday.

Carolla has had quite a year. He released a book, Not Taco Bell Material, and found himself at the center of controversy when he made statements regarding women in comedy.