10/26/2012 05:14 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

Best Weekend Ever: What HuffPost Women Readers Did October 26th-28th

Seems like it was a pretty eventful Halloweekend. In addition to dressing up, going out and contending with pre-Hurricane Sandy preparations, HuffPost Women readers had a whole lot of fun. You went night kayaking, volunteered, raced and attended a paint party. What were you up to last weekend?

A quick reminder: the premise of "Best Weekend Ever" is that as much as we all look forward to the weekend, it's also fun to look back on the amazing couple of days we just had and appreciate that time.

So, keep your phones and cameras handy this weekend to snap a picture of your activities and send it to women@huffingtonpost.com, or submit to the slideshow below! We'll feature it here on Monday's Best Weekend Ever slideshow, and add our favorite weekly submission to our "Best Weekend Ever" Pinterest board.



Best Weekend Ever