10/26/2012 06:16 pm ET Updated Oct 27, 2012

Do The Detroit Tigers Deserve To Win The World Series?

The Detroit Tigers may be down, but they're not out.

Facing a 2-0 deficit after dropping a pair of games in SF, the Tigers aren't yet out of contention for their first World Series title since 1984. Game 3 arrives with bated breath. It's all on the line now.

But looking back at this improbable, frustrating, magical baseball season, we can't count the number of times we were ready to count Leyland and Co. out of playoff contention. Okay, we actually did it once or twice. But they keep proving us wrong. Underdogs for the ultimate underdog metropolis -- you can't deny it. And that's why we owe it to them to suspend our doomsday predictions one more time, counting on the roar of a Detroit crowd and a city swept up by Tiger fever to reverse this week's luck on the diamond.

We asked sports junkie and HuffPost Detroit blogger Lauren Cavanagh to make the case for why, on the brink of disaster, the Detroit Tigers still deserve to win this year's World Series. HuffPost SF blogger Malaika Bobino argues in favor of the boys from the Bay. Hey, even the devil gets an advocate.

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