10/26/2012 08:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joel McHale Guest Starred On 'Bill Nye The Science Guy' Before 'Community' And 'The Soup' (VIDEO)

"Community" fans are all (im)patiently waiting for NBC to decide when and where exactly October 19 is going to be so we can catch up with the Greendale gang and start Season 4.

Sure, we've got the cast making fun videos and tweeting up a storm; we still get weekly doses of star Joel McHale on "The Soup," and he even did a turn on this week's "Sons of Anarchy," but it's just not the same. The only way we want to see these guys now is in something that kind of/sort of/maybe resembles a scenario that the study group would find themselves in. Which is exactly what this blast from the past is ...

Watch the video below to see McHale in a 1998 appearance on Emmy Award-winning "Bill Nye the Science Guy," in an episode titled "Fluids." McHale is doing his best Jack Nicholson in the courtroom, with lines like "You can't handle the fluid!" Seriously.

(Though we can't help thinking he looks a lot like Alton Brown, doesn't he? Maybe after Jeff Winger meets his dad on "Community," Mr. Brown can come cameo as his long-lost brother?)

But it's the inane debate that makes it slightly reminiscent of classic "Community" arguments -- pen stealing, anyone? -- so please enjoy the case of the missing hot chocolate, "Community" fans, and be happy that Jeff Winger was disbarred.