10/27/2012 08:06 am ET

Tortured Sports Metaphor 'Outliers'

Jonathan Chait says Romney's momentum talk is a bluff.

John Cassidy pokes at the limits of election forecasts.

Josh Jordan thinks Romney's debate peformance scored with independents.

Lynn Vavreck finds undecided women breaking for Obama.

Ron Brownstein sees working-class white voters in the upper Midwest as the last line of defense for President Obama.

Matt Barreto contends that pollsters are missing the Latino vote.

Carl Bialik ponders the uncertain impact of voter ID laws.

Jon Ralston reviews two automated polls in Nevada.

James Fallows examines the clashing worldviews of savvy "pros" and "quants."

Dimpled Chad debuts,serving up historical exit poll data.

Anzalone-Liszt runs a "Beat the Pollsters" contest.

Shockingly, NASCAR fans lean Republican.