10/26/2012 08:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chrissie Miller, The Designer Behind Sophomore, Hosts 'Club Chrissie' With Maxine Ashley And Makes DIY Sneakers (VIDEO)

Chrissie Miller, the designer behind the cool-girl label Sophomore (think jersey dresses and relaxed silhouettes) has launched a new web series in her New York apartment called "Club Chrissie." The part-time D.J. (and daughter of Astrology Zone's Susan Miller) hosts a series of guests each week (past talent includes Pharrell Williams and Reece Solomon) where they chat, goof around and make fun fashion DIY-projects.

This week recording artist Maxine Ashley came onto her show, where they talked about her favorite color, her funniest Youtube comment and of course, how to make cheap galaxy tie-dye sneakers. If DIY-ing isn't your thing, no need to worry, the impromptu dance parties, talking stuffed animals and unique beauty tricks (read hair chalk) are sure to strike your fancy.

Check out the video below to learn how to make your own pair of galaxy-inspired footwear.

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