10/27/2012 03:03 pm ET Updated Oct 27, 2012

Barack Obama Tribune Endorsement: Chicago Tribune Endorses President Again

CHICAGO -- For only the second time in its 165-year history, the Chicago Tribune has endorsed a Democratic candidate for president.

Once again, President Barack Obama will enjoy his hometown Tribune's seal of approval, the newspaper announced Friday. The paper lauded the president for his careful projection of military power abroad and pragmatism as the country's economic "dominoes toppled." The Tribune editorial reads:

Four years ago, when we endorsed Obama’s run for the White House, we said he would act with decisiveness and intellectual rigor. Ironically he has shown those attributes most where Americans might have expected them least.

The right-leaning paper admitted that Mitt Romney's policies should have made him a more obvious choice for their endorsement, but they described the GOP nominee as "astonishingly willing to bend his views to the politics of the moment: on abortion, on immigration, on gun laws and, most famously, on health care.".

The most recent polling on the presidential race showed Romney narrowly leading Obama nationally, while Obama maintains in an edge in the key battleground states.

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