10/28/2012 10:41 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

Hurricane Supplies: What You Stocked Up On To Weather Sandy (PHOTOS)

As Hurricane Sandy makes its way north up the East Coast millions are preparing to ride out a storm that could last for days.

We asked you to share what preparations you made for Hurricane Sandy. The most popular submissions? Candles, water, canned goods and...yes, plenty of alcohol. Take a scroll through the slideshow to see what others gathered for the storm, or click here for a guide to follow the hurricane 140 characters at a time.

While many of our users provided a somewhat comical look into how they will be hunkering down, this is a serious storm. The President and other public officials have confirmed that this is a hurricane that needs to be taken seriously and have encouraged those in its path to stock up on food and clean water, as well as vital safety essentials.

Many have already flocked to grocery stores to stock up on necessary supplies to keep them occupied, fed, and safe during the storm.

If you're still not certain you have everything you need to make it through Sandy, be sure to check FEMA's official hurricane supply checklist.

Have photos of your Sandy preparations to share? Tag your Instagram or Twitter photos with hashtag #sandysupplies, or upload them directly to the slideshow below!

Preparations For Hurricane Sandy