10/29/2012 11:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10/29/12 Pollster Open Thread

This open thread is to discuss all of the day's polls -- what they tell us about the election, their methodological strengths and weaknesses, notable findings others have missed or whatever else you want to talk about. Each day's open thread will appear in the morning and remain open for 24 hours. We also encourage you to use the "favorite" button to identify the most interesting or insightful comments.

Weekend featured comments

"Today's Gallup tracking poll on the economy had their 30 day running average on unemployment at 7.2% (a new low). Not that a number on a single day is all that exciting - but their measured rate has now been holding steady at a fairly low rate for quite some time. If Gallup is reaching a representative group of Americans with their poll then this portends well for the unemployment numbers coming out this Friday. If Gallup is not reaching a representative group of Americans then this does not portend well for any of their polls." - dpearl

"What we're seeing in the national polls is a reversion back to where the race was in July. After all of the conventions, debates, unfortunate comments and billions in ads, this is, and always has been, a two point race that slightly favors the incumbent. Talk of momentum or surges on both sides is meaningless." - A New Jersey Farmer

"Obama now up by 2 in Ipsos/Reuters. Look, I've been saying this for a while, the national trackers are canceling each other out. Nationally, it's essentially a tied race, with Romney maybe holding a point or so lead, but Obama has the edge in the swing states. Why? It's simply a different election going on in those 8 or 9 states. Ads are actually being run, campaign stops are actually being made, and there's a different level of engagement. In that race, Obama's leading." - -iVote-