10/29/2012 07:46 am ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

'Breaking Amish': Kate's Amish Childhood Friends Literally Run Away From Her (VIDEO)

This week's episode of "Breaking Amish" saw the cast facing a decision about their future. Would they return to their Amish and Mennonite lives, or would they stay out in the larger world? Kate has had some success in the modeling world, so she decided to stick it out in New York. But she did try to visit to explain things to her family and friends back home.

Things didn't go exactly as planned. Upon seeing her wearing modern garb, Kate's childhood friends literally ran away from her. "We’ve known each other since I was small, so it’s kind of hard to see people like that just run away from me," Kate explained.

Of her family, only her father was willing to see her, and that was to warn her that if she continues down this path, she'll be going to Hell.

Kate's experience wasn't unique among the cast. Rebecca's friends ran away from her as well, while Jeremiah's Amish girlfriend slammed the door in his face. Abe was allowed to see his family, but he was shunned and ultimately sent away.

The drama wraps next week on "Breaking Amish," Sunday at 10p.m. ET on TLC, to be followed by a reunion special on November 11 during which all of those lingering questions about the authenticity of this show will be addressed.

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