10/29/2012 02:46 pm ET

Hurricane Sandy Fashion Tweets Remind Us That Sweatpants, Junk Food Are Still OK (TWEETS)

Fashion people wear sweats and eat junk food, OK? Deal with it.

The folks of the fashion industry are sometimes known for being, um, how do we put this nicely... a little high-maintenance. Whether it's models, editors, photographers or designers, the fashion stereotype often includes an obsession with perfect outfits, perfect hair, perfect bodies and perfectly healthy food.

But all it takes is a hurricane to remind us that the stereotypes just aren't totally true. As East Coasters, we're embracing Hurricane Sandy by blogging from home in our leggings with junk food by our sides... and we're not the only ones. From the many tweets of editors, models and other fashion people live-chronicling their hurricane experiences, we can all learn that even the chicest of the chic are affected by foul weather. And even the chicest of the chic wear sweatpants and eat junk food sometimes.

Below, a brief roundup of Hurricane Sandy fashion tweets, from the earnest and serious to the indulgent and hilarious.

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