10/29/2012 06:17 pm ET

Hurricane Sandy Media Coverage Sends Reporters Into Storm's Wrath (VIDEO)

(Video by the HuffPost Mashups Team)

Hurricanes: strong winds, heavy rain, reporters screaming in windbreakers.

There are certain things viewers have come to expect while watching coverage of intense storms like Hurricane Sandy. Media coverage of such weather events have become somewhat of a sport for network reporters, who withstand the horrendous conditions to report live from areas that have been evacuated, flooded, damaged and more.

By Monday morning, Hurricane Sandy pushed other news stories aside, including the 2012 election, and dominated broadcast and cable news channels. Local and national news networks sent reporters out to dangerous areas impacted by the storm's wrath to describe the heavy wind gusts and interview residents.

Reporters attempted to weather the storm while reporting live, but some fell victim to Sandy's strength. Fox News' Peter Doocy slipped and got his foot stuck in wet sand, while CBS' Chip Reid was hit by a wave mid-newscast. CNN's Ali Velshi was told by Atlantic City's mayor to get off the streets.

Below, take a look at the various reporters who took Hurricane Sandy on head-to-head.



Hurricane Sandy