10/29/2012 02:41 pm ET

Hurricane Sandy Reactions: Women Respond On Twitter

Batten down the hatches! As Frankenstorm Sandy bears down on New York and New Jersey, East Coast-dwellers have taken to Twitter to share news, hurricane prep stories, and evacuation plans. As the National Weather Service and local officials updated the public on the potential dangers ahead, and those in affected areas have responded on Twitter with a mixture of understandable anxiety and humor, which does come in handy if you're lucky enough to be safe and mainly struggling to survive the boredom.

Whether you're watching the storm from your California spin class (hi Mindy!) or closer to Sandyland (and thus holed up in your apartment with all of the peanut butter and candles a woman could need but unable to download anything because your iTunes has chosen PRECISELY THIS MOMENT to stop working, even though the storm isn't even HERE yet ... for instance), here are some of our favorite #Sandy tweets from women on Twitter. If you're on the East Coast, follow our Frankenstorm liveblog and stay out of harm's way.



Twitter Reacts To Sandy