10/29/2012 10:38 am ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Vern Gillmore, 80-Year-Old Utah Man, Volunteers To Help

Vern Gillmore, 80, isn't just sending money or supplies to help those affected by the Hurricane Sandy megastorm -- he's delivering himself.

The Utah man has been volunteering with his American Red Cross chapter for three years and was deployed Monday to help a small portion of some 50 million people who could be affected by the storm, according to ABC 4.

"My hobby is volunteering," Gillmore told the news outlet. "I love to volunteer and help people."

Volunteers nationwide are stepping to assist those displaced by Hurricane Sandy and help deal with the expected damage from the storm.

The American Red Cross is coordinating a multi-state effort to help people in the path of the storm. Volunteers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and New York and many other states have departed for New York to help with relief efforts.

The Good Samaritans will provide mobile feeding, cleanup kits and more following the storm, according to 5 News.

“It means an awful lot to me because I have close neighbors who have been helped by Red Cross and I haven`t gotten to see what they do so it means a lot to me to be able to do that,” Arkansas volunteer Mike Kratchmer told the news outlet.

One of the main ways the public can help is blood donations, experts say. The New York Blood Center is calling for donations to prevent any shortages after the storm hits. The organization is working with local hospitals to make sure it has adequate supply and needs at least 2,000 donations a day to maintain the center’s blood inventory.

Other organizations such as AmeriCares and Direct Relief are delivering supplies such as medicine, first aid kits, cleaning products and flashlights and are working with health clinics, food banks and other agencies.

Operation USA, a Los Angeles-based International relief will provide emergency aid to Cuba and Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The organization will provide access to safe water and support for clinics and hospitals.

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