10/29/2012 07:43 am ET

'Outback Hunters': Helicopters Have To Watch Out For High-Flying Crocodiles (VIDEO)

American television viewers have seen a lot of shows depicting how people deal with crocodiles. But "Outback Hunters" had a new one for them, showing how Australians keep crocs from attacking cattle while they're being herded. They distract them with helicopters.

Helicopter pilots fly low over the crocodiles, keeping them preoccupied enough that the cattle herders can get the animals moved past the predators. But flying a chopper over croc-infested waters is filled with plenty of danger still.

That's because, as the show pointed out, "A crocodile can propel itself up to 10 ft. in the air. High enough to snatch a chopper out of the sky."

So the pilot has to find that right balance of being low enough to create the necessary distraction, while avoiding the nasty jaws of a high-flying crocodile. A crocodile is perfectly capable of grabbing the skid of a chopper and pulling it down into the water. It certainly made for some tense and exciting moments for fans of the show.

"Outback Hunters" continues the adventure on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on History.

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