10/29/2012 06:10 am ET

'Rehab With Dr. Drew': Deanna Reveals Traumatic Event That Pushed Her Deeper Into Drugs (VIDEO)

Deanna was already involved with drugs, but there was a turning point that pushed her deeper into them. She revealed the painful memory on the latest episode of "Rehab with Dr. Drew." It was while she was dealing drugs in her own neighborhood. She was approached by six men.

Knowing she had money, they pulled a gun on her. But once they had her under their control, it turned out that money wasn't the only thing they wanted from her.

"They were about to shoot me execution style. I was on my knees," she said in a group session. "And then they were like, ‘do this.’ So I did it.'"

Deanna pleaded for her life, and gave in to the men's demands, but she also internalized her feelings of revulsion and anger over what she'd endured, saying. "I feel like used goods because of it. Who the (bleep) has sex with six guys at the same time?"

"Somebody with a gun to their head," the counselor said. The rest of the group tried to assure Deanna that she'd done only what she had to survive, and that it wasn't something for which she should punish herself through using.

The emotional journey toward recovery for Deanna and the other members of the group in "Rehab with Dr. Drew" continues every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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