10/29/2012 04:56 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

Richard Herman Bills Telemarketers For Wasting His Time, Gets Paid (VIDEO)

Most people only dream of making telemarketers actually pay for their harassing tactics. Richard Herman actually did it.

After receiving particularly incessant phone calls from an international call center, the 53-year-old British man decided to put an end to it. He answered enough questions to be patched through to the company's UK-based operations, and, once there, asked to be removed from all further communications.

"I said to them, you need to stop calling me and, I said, if you keep calling me, I'll charge you £10 a minute for my time to be talking to you," Herman explained to BBC Radio.

Herman is already listed on the Telephone Preference Service, a UK version of the Do Not Call Registry. Despite that, and despite his warning to the company he intended to charge them, they called him back a mere two days later.

Once again, Herman stayed on the line until the international center patched him through to the UK, where he explained that he'd asked to never be contacted again and that the company would be receiving a £195 bill ($312) for taking 19.5 minutes of his time.

"I was feeling oppressed that I was getting called by these companies," he told the Daily Mail. "Once I sent the company the invoice, I felt as though the boot was on the other foot. I wasn’t the victim any more."

When the firm refused to pay, notes The Telegraph, Herman took it to small claims court. The company settled before a judge even heard the case.

Hilariously, Herman happens to work at Retell, a British company that specializes in recording phone calls. Needless to say, had the case moved forward, he would have had plenty of evidence.

Now Herman hopes to help others in a similar situation. He's set up a website detailing his steps to cut off the cold calls, and further explains his actions in a video on YouTube:

Richard Herman Bills Telemarketers For His Time


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