10/29/2012 01:22 pm ET Updated Oct 31, 2012

Weird Presidential Products: From Punching Political Puppets To Partisan Beef Stew

The presidential election is just days away, and while the country may be divided between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Americans are united behind one collective goal: buying stuff impulsively.

Entrepreneurs across the country are trying to turn a quick buck before the election through various presidential novelties.

For non-partisans who just want to see the candidates fight, there are punching puppets.

Other companies are attempting to sell things like beef stew or hot sauce by packaging them in ways that are friendly to Republicans and Democrats in appropriate red and blue containers.

Some companies are claiming that their products will predict the winner of the White House horse race. Two Halloween costume companies, Spirit Halloween and, are both claiming that the candidate who inspires the most mask sales will win the election.

At last count, it was Obama by a rubber nose.

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Weird Presidential Election Gifts

Do any of these items have value as an investment? Not much, according to presidential ephemera expert Christopher George LaBarre, who runs a collectibles gallery with his father in Hollis, N.H.

"Collectors lean toward older items," LaBarre told The Huffington Post.

Buttons are more popular than beef stew, LaBarre said, but there are exceptions.

"If a can of presidential-themed chili goes up for auction and you have two chili lovers, it might do well," LaBarre said.

Regardless of whether Obama wins a second term, LaBarre said he believes Obama's unique place as America's first African-American president means collectibles featuring the president may have more long-term value than Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon ephemera.

Except, LaBarre noted, one kind of presidential collectible -- the autograph.

"Autograph collectors hate Obama's signature," LaBarre said. "It's just an 'O' with an 'X' through it. It makes presidential autographs look bad. John F. Kennedy's autograph was unreadable, but at least he did the full signature."

Not everyone who is trying to make a buck off the election has a product. Some, like professional poop-scooper Jim Coniglione, are simply using the campaign to promote their services.

Coniglione, who runs Scoopy Doo Ltd. on Long Island, N.Y., claims Romney is going to win the election because most of the dog poop he's collecting looks like the former Massachusetts governor.

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