10/30/2012 01:08 pm ET

'Code Of Silence' Trial: Beaten Bartender Testifies Cops Tried To Bribe Her

The Anthony Abbate civil trial continued Monday, where the bartender beaten by the disgraced former cop testified Chicago police officers tried to bribe her into silence.

Karolina Obrycka took the stand in her civil lawsuit against Abbate and the city of Chicago, testifying before jurors that Abbate and another cop threatened to plant drugs on bar staff where Obrycka worked unless she dropped the charges, reports the Sun-Times. WGN said Obrycka's testimony alleges Abbate’s friends made efforts to "bribe, cajole, even threaten" the 30-year-old in order to cover-up the beating.

Obrycka also testified to the long-term effects of the night Abbate, who was convicted of beating the bartender in 2009, punched and kicked her after slamming her to the ground. CBS Chicago reports Obrycka told the federal jury the attack left her with severe back and neck pain and that she still experiences panic attacks.

Other testimony given Monday backed the claim of Obrycka's lawyers that the CPD has a pervasive "Code of Silence" to protect officers accused of wrongdoing.

A former Los Angeles internal affairs officer testified the CPD's "Code of Silence" is "alive and well." Lou Reiter testifies as an expert in police misconduct cases around the country. The Sun-Times says under cross-examination, Reiter, who did not see CPD's internal review of Abbate's case, affirmed the department has "good written policies" for dealing with bad cops on the books, but claimed that the policies are not actually carried out.

According to the Tribune, Reiter said the way police responded to Obrycka's 911 call was "generally deficient" and "contrary to police practice.

As noted by ABC Chicago, there was no mention of the surveillance video that captured the beating, or Abbate's name and then-status as a police officer in the officer's report.

Obrycka is set to take the stand again when the trial resumes later Tuesday.