10/30/2012 04:18 pm ET

Russian Man Claims Pending Doomsday Means He Doesn't Have To Pay Traffic Ticket

Some people will do anything to avoid paying a traffic ticket -- even pray for the world's end.

A man in Russia's Kemerovo region was issued a traffic ticket this past summer after he had a minor car accident, according to He is hoping the Mayan calendar gives him a reason to skip out on the bill, which amounts to $32.

Rather than writing a check, the unidentified man wrote a 10-page explanation of his decision not to pay the ticket. "According to his calculations, the doomsday will come at the end of the year, and the payment would be pointless," regional court marshals said in a statement to the Moscow Times.

He reportedly visited a court official every day with "schemes, drawings and graphs," the marshals told the paper.

"The debtor believes that if people are kinder to each other and forgive each other's debts, the world will not end," a Kemerovo-based debt collector said, according to UPI.

No word on if the man's efforts at getting the ticket dropped are working.



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