10/30/2012 03:02 pm ET

'Hoarders': Woman Blows Through Nearly Half A Million Dollars In A Year And A Half (VIDEO)

Susan was a definite candidate for "Hoarders," but she also suffered from an extreme shopping addiction. After her father's death, she got a $450,000 inheritance, which should have been enough for her to be able to enjoy perhaps the rest of her life in relative comfort.

Instead, she blew through the money in a year-and-a-half, spending it all on expensive electronics, cars and houses. Unfortunately, somebody knew about Susan's hoard, and her massive spending on electronic items. He also knew that Susan lived with her elderly mother Mimi, who relies on a wheelchair to get around.

So this "kid," as her mother called him, broke into the house, tied Mimi up and robbed the place.

"He put something up to my head, and I thought it might be a gun. I said, ‘If it’s a gun, just blow me away. I’ve already lived my life,'" Mimi said. She survived the incident, but the "kid" got away with virtually everything of value.

So Susan and Mimi were living together off of Mimi's retirement. Susan struggled during the intervention with the therapist and organizers, giving up very few items. But Mimi was relocated to stay with a relative, and the clean-up team did the best they could to give Susan some clean space in her home in hopes it would motivate her to do more on her own.

Two new stories of "Hoarders" are presented each Monday at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.

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