10/30/2012 07:18 pm ET Updated Oct 30, 2012

Hurricane Sex: 10 Types Of Frisky Encounters That Went Down Last Night

People who didn't face life-endangering circumstances during Superstorm Sandy instead stared down approximately 48 hours of work-free, otherwise unscheduled time with nowhere to go -- wanting something, or perhaps someone, to do. Judging by the number of Craigslist ads for "hurricane hookups" that went up between Saturday evening and Tuesday afternoon, a whole lot of people had sex on the brain during the storm.

Here are 10 types of sex we suspect took place over the last two days:

1. Phone sex. Some people ended up trapped miles from their significant others all by their lonesome. What else is a faithful person going to do alone in the dark with a land line right there?

2. Hot-person-from-the-elevator sex. Knocking on the door of the person in your building who is so hot you literally go mute in their presence? You were out of matches, right? Or were checking to see if their power was out, too? Yeah, that happened.

3. "We wanted to get pregnant anyway" sex. You're not on the pill, you were out of condoms and you had started talking about it. Why not get the ball rolling? The Daily Mail even predicted that Sandy could lead to a "baby boom."

4. Bored roommate sex. Two people, trapped in an apartment together with no Internet access, television or light? It happens.

5. Skype sex -- before everyone's laptops died.

6. Candlelit sex. Sure, very few people were lighting candles last night to create atmosphere. But low flickering light does have a way of getting folks in the mood. You know someone used that opportunity to make a move.

7. "We may as well use the whipped cream in our fridge for something" sex. Storm-impacted East Coasters wouldn't want a perfectly good bottle of dairy condiment to go bad.

8. "You look better in the dark" sex. Sometimes people are just more attractive after the electricity goes out and you've had half a bottle of wine.

9. "This natural disaster just pushed our relationship to the next level" sex. Nothing like the threat of harm and destruction to bring two people who already like and respect each other together. We're betting that a bunch of casual couples got (at least physically) closer last night.

10. Too-many-guests sex. People were forced to relocate all over the eastern seaboard over the last 48 hours because of mandatory evacuations. Due to limited space, some doubling up of beds also probably occurred. Maybe even tripling. Hey, no judgment.



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