10/30/2012 01:35 pm ET Updated Oct 30, 2012

President Barack Obama Watches 'Parks And Recreation' With His Family

President Barack Obama and his family watch "Parks and Recreation" together as a family.

The president talked to TV Guide about his TV favorites -- "Homeland," "The Wire" -- and revealed that he and Michelle watch NBC's "Parks and Recreation" with daughters Malia and Sasha.

"When our family gets together to watch TV, we usually watch shows like 'Modern Family' and 'Parks and Recreation' because they give us a good laugh," Obama said.

Did Malia get the president into the show about local government hero Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler)? In March 2012, series star Aziz Ansari attended a fundraiser event in New York City and Obama informed him that he has a fan in the White House.

"Aziz Ansari ... now this is big because Malia is a big 'Parks and Recreation' fan," the president said at the fundraiser. "So having Aziz here is like the only thing she thinks is worth me doing. I want to thank him for what he said earlier. I know he's backstage, but I just want to say that I have more Twitter followers than you, man."

President Obama isn't the only politician who counts "Parks and Recreation" among their favorite shows -- Senators John McCain, Olympia Snowe and Barbara Boxer appeared in the Season 5 premiere.

"It's one of my favorite shows ... I'm a fan, it's hilarious," McCain said. "The whole schtick about an election, and being elected and now coming to Washington. And of course, Amy [Poehler] is such a talented actress. My experience with her goes back to hosting 'Saturday Night Live' a long time ago."

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'Parks and Recreation'