10/30/2012 12:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Will Sandy Push New York To Design A Better Waterfront? (PHOTOS)

By Vanessa Quirk
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Maybe Sandy, the colossal hurricane that has barreled across the East Coast this week, will finally get the message across:  ”We are all from New Orleans Now.” Thanks to climate change, America’s coastal cities, and particularly New York, have become increasingly vulnerable to nature’s wrath

Over two years ago, MOMA asked five architects to come up with a redesign of lower Manhattan that would prevent damage in the event of major flooding. Barry Bergdoll, the Curator of the “” exhibit, put it to the architects this way: “Your mission is to come up with images that are so compelling they can’t be forgotten and so realistic that they can’t be dismissed.”

Unfortunately, they were. As the many images from traditional news sources and social media users reveal, Sandy’s damage has been extensive – and perhaps, in many ways, preventable.

It often takes tragedy to instigate change. Let’s hope that Sandy will finally get the conversation of New York’s vulnerable urban landscape on to the table.

Click through for more images of Sandy’s damage, as well as plans from MOMA’s “Rising Currents” Exhibit:

After The Flood: New York City Post Hurricane Sandy