New SGTK Toilet Doubles As Soccer Goalie (VIDEO)

As inventions go, toilets are pretty awesome, but they are really only designed to one thing: flush away waste.

The fact that a toilet can also serve as an alternative water bowl for the dog is just an unexpected bonus.

However, some scientists in Japan have created a commode that does more than transport excrement away. It also doubles as a soccer goalie.

It's called the "SGTK" -- which is short for "Super Great Toilet Keeper" -- and, in a reversal of typical toilet technology, shoots balls out from the bowl.

When the sporty toilet is placed in front of the goalbox, it uses high-speed cameras to detect when a ball kicked as hard as 99 miles an hour is heading towards the goal. Then it shoots a smaller ball at the incoming soccer ball to prevent a score, according to the Japan Daily Press.

The project was a collaboration between two Japanese companies, both named Toto. One, which spells the word in all caps makes toilets and the other, which is spelled in all lower case letters, is a sports lottery organization, reported.

The exact purpose of why they decided to make a soccer-playing toilet defies translation,

The SGTK will be demonstrated at various soccer stadiums before it becomes available for rentals for around $7,500 per appearance, according to

However, it will not turn pro and using it as a portable restroom will be forbidden.

This isn't the first time someone has combined toilets with soccer. Back in 2010, the Icelandic soccer team Stjarnan, which is known for absurd goal celebrations did a routine after scoring where the players came together to form a human toilet.

And that slams the lid on this story.




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