10/31/2012 05:40 pm ET

Cafe Del Soul, California Eatery, Admits Cockroach Infestation, Calls Health Department On Itself

Well here's a new strategy. California eatery Cafe Del Soul was experiencing a pretty serious cockroach problem. In an effort to be transparent to its customers, the restaurant posted a sign on its front door, explaining that the restaurant was infested by cockroaches.

A manager explains,“The owner decided, if I can’t tell the truth to my customers, then why have a restaurant.”

Earlier this week the restaurant posted a note on its Facebook page that read in part:

Despite our best efforts to do and continue to do everything we can to keep our café and the surrounding areas as clean as possible, we feel we are fighting a losing battle because from what we have seen and experienced (been told by outside contractors) the building we are located in is infested with German cockroaches.

That wasn't enough for the restaurant though. Cafe Del Soul also reported itself to the health department. This likely accelerated the process of bringing an inspector in because yesterday, Cafe Del Soul posted on Facebook again:

This afternoon, October 30th, we were visited by Environmental Health Service of Marin County and upon inspection it was decided that our café would be closed due as a result of an infestation of German cockroaches.
Their inspection of our facility came as a result of Café del Soul reporting itself as a food facility with a infestation that we alone, despite a concerted and combined effort of working with a certified pest control company and Environmental Health Service of Marin County were not able to control and eradicate the problem.

While we are not happy about the closure and the effect it has on the families of what I consider the best group of employees anywhere, it is my hope that this closure and the closure of other facilities within the plaza will help us all find the resolution required to provide the best service and food to our community.

- All Staff & Supporters of Café del Soul

Do you agree with the restaurant's transparency? Would you rather know or not know? Let us know in the comments.

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