10/31/2012 04:26 pm ET

Dereon Kelly And Brittany Henderson, Texas Couple, Charged In Connection With Bomb Threats At Texas A&M, Texas State (VIDEO)

Breaking up is hard, but bomb threats might be too dramatic.

Authorities involved with investigating the Texas State and Texas A&M bomb threats earlier this month believe their two primary suspects, Dereon Kelly and Brittany Henderson, may have been breaking up. A text message sent from Kelly to Henderson on October 18 reads, "Ima go ahead and leave britt i will not be hurt any longer dont all or text me for anything goodbye you ruined my love life," reports The Bryan-College Station Eagle.

Sometime during that day, police believe Henderson sent several threatening emails to Texas State officials. The first, sent at 8:20 a.m., reads "I will blow Texas State up to small little pieces starting with the admissions office today at three central time."

The email's concerned recipient contacted university police, leading to the evacuation of part of the university campus, reports NBC 5.

According to arrest affidavits, Henderson responded to the evacuation with a second email that day at 11:37 p.m., promising, "You called the police now i will really blow it up first thing in the morning dumb bitch i am glad i am not a student anymore and you will not find me i am deleting my account."

She allegedly followed up with a third email 40 minutes later, in which she seemed to simultaneously tell authorities they'd never find her, yet also clued them in that she'd sent the emails from her house:

I will not be arrested because they have no proof i did anything because i never brought the bomb on campus but i will tomorrow and they will not be able to find me because im at my house i hate texas state for life the police better not come back here to my house either :) my family will not tell where i am at or whose desktop im on."

But the saga doesn't stop there. On October 19, the day after Henderson's email threats, authorities believe her (ex?) boyfriend Dereon Kelly hopped on the bomb-threat bandwagon. The Bryan-College Station Eagle reports Henderson is believed to have sent a bomb threat to Texas A&M University at 11 a.m. Friday, warning that "Campus will be bombed at twelve this afternoon."

He is believed to have used Henderson's email address, but sent the threat from his cellphone. That threat triggered the evacuation of around 60,000 faculty, students and staff on campus, reports the LA Times.

Kelly's family does not believe he could have sent the email, describing him to KBTX an honor roll student who was working to turn his life around.

Police tracked down Henderson's name and location via her Yahoo email account and IP address. According to KXAN, she was arrested on Tuesday, October 23, and charged with a third degree felony for making a terroristic threat, and three counts of making a false alarm. University records indicate she had attended Texas A&M starting in the fall of 2011, but withdrew in September of this year.

Kelly has also been arrested. He faces a third degree felony charge of making a terroristic threat, reports The Daily Texan.