10/31/2012 08:18 am ET

'Extreme Cheapskates': Man Fishes In Garbage To Get His Wife Theater Popcorn And Soda (VIDEO)

It was "Extreme Cheapskates" in love on the season finale of the hit new TLC series. Roy Haynes took a big step when he actually bought tickets to take his wife to the movies. But, in an effort to keep their date costs down, he brought fruit from home to snack on. His wife, however, wasn't satisfied with this. She wanted the whole movie theater experience, including movie-theater popcorn.

So when Roy was out pitching his banana peel, he came upon an idea. Taking advantage of the free refill policy the theater has on popcorn and soda, Roy went straight for the nearest trash can. He fished out a popcorn container and a used soda cup.

While Monsters and Critics thought the move was gross, at least he made an effort to keep things somewhat sanitary by washing out the cup in the bathroom before bringing it up to the counter for his free "refill."

"“I was shocked when he handed me popcorn and a soda. That was so unlike him," his wife said appreciatively. Now that she's seen the episode, she knows it was actually just like him. He even went back for more refills after the movie.

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