10/31/2012 02:01 pm ET Updated Oct 31, 2012

Herm Edwards' 'Play To Win The Game' Rant Among Best Coach Press Conferences Ever (VIDEO)

By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

It is the ten year anniversary of Herm Edwards' career highlight, his famous "you play to win the game" rant. As Herm's quote was being celebrated this morning on SportsCenter, I thought to myself that perhaps nobody in sports has gotten more mileage out of one single quote than Herm Edwards. Maybe it's because he's on ESPN and his quote is referenced so much from SportsCenter to PTI to almost any NFL situation covered by Bristol. You probably can't go a week watching ESPN's coverage of the NFL without at least one person shouting in that classic Herm Edwards cadence, "Hello! You PLAY to WIN the GAME!"

But is it the best press conference rant of all-time? Herm's anniversary and Jim Harbaugh's gobbledygook from last night got me thinking about the best press conference rants from coaches. With that in mind, here's our Top 10...

WATCH: Top 10 Coach Rants