10/31/2012 01:35 pm ET Updated Oct 31, 2012

James Moore, Detroit Police Commander, Demoted Over Alleged Assault Of Subordinate

The Detroit Police Department has become embroiled in yet another scandal -- an alleged domestic abuse episode involving a former police commander and a female subordinate.

The city's Interim Chief of Police Chester Logan Monday demoted Police Commander James Moore to the rank of Lieutenant following allegations of misconduct.

The Detroit News reports that Moore, who used to lead Patrol Operations, is under investigation for an alleged incident of domestic violence at a party store that was recorded by a surveillance camera. He is suspected of being involved in a romantic relationship with the female officer involved in the episode. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy will not be handling the case, according to the Detroit Free Press, because she knows Moore's wife. Instead, it will be taken up by Michigan's attorney general or a prosecutor from another jurisdiction.

Moore joined the force in 1978 and was appointed Commander in 2007. Interim Chief Logan said that he was demoted because he had lost his effectiveness as a Commander.

“Based on the seriousness of these allegations, his role as Commander was compromised in the police department and in the community," he said in a release. "Standards for appointees are higher than that of other ranking officers. There are consequences for any allegation of inappropriate behavior. We will investigate all reports of misconduct.”

Moore's demotion is just the latest of several sex scandals to have hit the department in recent weeks. Former Police Chief Ralph Godbee resigned earlier this month after allegations surfaced that he had been having an affair with an Internal Affairs officer named Angelica Robinson.

Inspector Don Johnson, the former commanding officer of the Homeland Security division, was suspended without pay this month for allegedly texting a picture of his privates to a female subordinate. He is now under investigation by Internal Affairs.

Detroit Mayor Bing said he agrees with Interim Chief Logan's decision to demote Moore.

“The Chief’s action is consistent with my desire to eliminate improper behavior in the police department and all City of Detroit departments,” he said in a release. “Employee misconduct will not be tolerated.”

Mayor Bing has struggled with an extremely high turnover rate for his administration. See some photos of those who left or were made to leave below.



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