10/31/2012 04:36 am ET

'New Girl': Nick's Fear Of Halloween Leads Him To Punch Jess In The Face (VIDEO)

Halloween turned into a big night for the gang on "New Girl." Nick faced his fears -- though it seems unlikely the experience will do anything to help them conquer them. But as we've seen in the past, he's willing to do a lot to try and protect Jess, though in this case things backfired pretty badly.

Jess had revealed to Nick that she'd developed real feelings for her regular fling Sam, only Sam later revealed that he's keeping it casual with at least one other girl as well. So Nick braved his greatest fears to go tell Jess what he'd found out. Jess was working at the haunted house, and Nick going in there turned out to be a very bad idea. Terrified, he started lashing out at anything that accosted him, including Jess in her "Woody Allen" zombie costume.

So rather than give Jess a heads up, he punched her in the face. And then all of her monster friends came to her aid, surrounding and beating Nick bringing his "worst nightmare" to life. Jess, then, was left to feel the real emotions of heartache when she opened up to Sam and he shut her down. At least he was and had been honest from the beginning about what he wanted in their relationship.

She did get to work out some of her emotions back at the apartment, at least. Nick agreed to let the guys hold him so that Jess could get a revenge punch in. He may not have thought she'd go through with it, but it certainly sounded like she got a good one in at the end there.

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