10/31/2012 06:19 am ET Updated Oct 31, 2012

'Sons Of Anarchy': Jax Tells Gemma To Spy On Clay Or Lose Her Grandkids Forever (VIDEO)

It's getting to the point that hardcore fans of "Sons of Anarchy" are probably using charts and diagrams to keep up with all the lies flowing around SAMCRO. This week's episode lightened the load a bit, as some more lies were piled on, but a lot more truth was exposed. And while Clay was revealed a bit more to some of Jax' closest allies, he also pulled Juice even closer to him.

Clay is one master manipulator, and so he thought he could protect Gemma with another quick lie. Last week, Jax and Tara were run off the road by a black gang member -- though it wasn't one of Pope's men -- and Gemma crashed off the road with the boys -- high from smoking with Unser. Knowing that Jax and Tara would never forgive Gemma being high with their kids, Clay said a van had run her off the road, too. Only this lie didn't even survive the episode.

Jax, however, managed to turn this truth around to his advantage. He exposed Gemma's lie to Tara, who immediately cut her mother-in-law out of the boys' life again. Gemma can't get by without family, so Jax told Clay to be that family for her.

He then told Gemma that her job was to get close to Clay and get evidence that he was the one behind the home invasions against the club. Once he has that, he takes it to the club to try and have Clay taken out -- permanently. Clay's a wily one, but how long can he keep escaping what seems to be his ultimate fate of dying by Jax' hand?

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