11/01/2012 06:22 am ET

'Arrow': Is Oliver Getting A Little Sloppy With His Secret Identity? (VIDEO)

That hood may not be doing as good of a job as Oliver Queen expected in hiding his identity. Sure, he exposed it himself to his bodyguard John Diggle at the close of last week's episode of "Arrow," but this week it looked like more and more people are starting to figure it out -- and we're only four episodes in!

The focus this week was on an innocent man, set up by one of those rich and powerful types Arrow is targeting. Peter Declan was on death row for a crime he didn't commit. So Queen approached Laurel Lance -- in his Arrow guise -- to enlist her aid in exonerating Declan. She is, after all, a lawyer.

Things escalated, as they do, until the characters found themselves in a full-on prison riot. There, Arrow wasn't in his usual hood, but rather in a ski mask and guard's uniform. There's a moment, after she pulled him off of a hitman sent to silence her, that Laurel looked at Oliver as if she recognized him. Or did she? Inside Pulse seems to think so, while The Wall Street Journal said she just looked scared.

When she told her father about his change in costume, though, the detective went back to old surveillance footage of one of Arrow's appearances. He's so certain that Arrow and Oliver Queen are the same that he showed up to arrest him. This happened just after John took Oliver up on his offer to join him in his crusade.

How will Ollie get out of this one? Find out as "Arrow" continues on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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