11/01/2012 02:11 pm ET Updated Nov 01, 2012

Election Predictor: Obama vs. Romney As Decided By Your Taste Buds

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Since we here at HuffPost Taste think about everything in terms of food, we've been wondering: Political and social issues aside, which candidate would we choose if we were forced to live on that President's diet for the next four years?

If our election decisions were based on food, Richard Nixon and his cottage cheese may have never seen the light of day in the Oval Office. And we're pretty sure William Henry Harrison's penchant for squirrel stew may have set him back a little. Did we mention that Dwight Eisenhower liked TV dinners?

Among those who would've received our full-bellied endorsement: James Monroe, fried chicken; James Buchanan, fresh butter (FRESH BUTTER!); Warren G. Harding, chicken pot pie; and Calvin Coolidge, pickles.

Below you'll find President Obama and Mitt Romney's favorite foods, but we aren't telling you which is which (though, if you know anything about these guys, it can't be too hard to identify them). For this brief moment in time, throw away all your preconceived notions about these two candidates and vote purely with the passion in your taste buds and stomach. Which Presidential candidate's foods would you rather survive on for the next four years? VOTE NOW! We'll release the official results on Monday, Nov. 5.

Can't wait for the results? This is the candidate who likes hummus; and this is the candidate who likes cheeseburgers.

Do you think you know which diet belongs to which candidate? Leave us a comment below!