11/02/2012 01:12 pm ET Updated Nov 03, 2012

House Tour: Inside The 'Pit House' Designed By Japanese Firm UID Architects

Koji Fujii/Nacása & Partners Inc.

When a married couple enlisted the help of UID Architects to build their family's Okayama, Japan home, they requested that their new space was at one with the area's mountainous terrain. And that is exactly what the team, lead by Keisuke Maeda, designed. An earthy, modern and surprising property, this is one house tour worth checking out.

Called the "Pit House" because many of the rooms are below the ground line, this curved home was built right into the side of a hill. Co. Design reports that Maeda explained “the relationship between the natural environment and architecture of a site exists simultaneously.” And when you peer out the large expanse of windows that wrap around the home, the ground is at eye-level. The second floor of the structure is supported by thin steel stilts that blend into the vegetation. The natural materials used throughout the home, knotty wood raw cement, and stone further enhance the feeling of cohabitation with the surrounding environment and lend to a soothing color palette.

Click through the images provided by the architect and head to Co.Design to read more.

House Tour: Pit House

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