11/01/2012 06:40 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2012

LA Puppy Adoptions Needed For Baby Stars of PuppyCam (PHOTOS)

PuppyCam from The Pet Collective is a pretty amazing invention. It is a live-streaming channel on YouTube that features - you guessed it - PUPPIES!

Not long ago, PuppyCam highlighted six cuddly pit bull-mix puppies as they came into the world. There have been hundreds of thousands of viewers of PuppyCam, and now that the puppies are older, they are looking for their "forever homes." Luckily for Angelenos, these mini-puppy stars (and their gorgeous Mama, Hope) are up for adoption here in LA. Three have been already adopted, but three are still looking for a local, loving home. The puppies are eight weeks old. Their two-year-old mother, Hope, was surrendered by her owner after having had a very difficult life and is crossing her paws for a new home. Check out Monroe, Ralphie and Sammy and Hope's photos below.

Anyone interested in adopting the puppies can go to the New Leash on Life adoption page to fill out an application or call call (661) 255-0097.

PuppyCam Pups Need A Home