11/01/2012 11:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Miranda Kerr: Esquire UK's Sexiest Woman Alive! (PHOTOS)

Miranda Kerr had been laying low recently, pushing Flynn around New York City in his stylish stroller and torturing us by documenting her amazing worldwide travels in impossibly gorgeous Instagram pictures.

But it looks like the Aussie model is back to work: Miranda has stripped down for the December issue of Esquire UK, which declares her this year's "sexiest woman alive." In photos shot by David Slijper, Miranda don a variety of lace undies and quasi-tops and declares, “I believe in celebrating the female figure and embracing what we’ve been given."

She also tells the mag, "I like going up. I got stuck up a tree when I was about seven, and my dad had to come and get the ladder to get me down. I loved to climb all the way up to the top. I must have been a koala in my past life." Cute, small and Australian? That sounds about right.

Miranda's Sexiest Woman Alive 2012 title might seem pretty indisputable, but it's worth noting that the American edition of Esquire went for another woman this year: Mila Kunis. Like Miranda, Mila did her best shirtless, over-the-shoulder pose for the magazine cover, albeit a month earlier. (Also, we just realized: both Sexiest Women have the initials M.K. Coincidence??)

Check out Miranda's cover versus Mila's. Who wins the "Sexiest Woman Alive 2012" title?

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