11/01/2012 11:01 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Ripparachie, Gay Rapper Also Known As DeMarquis Oden, Slams Mitt Romney In New Video

While Mitt Romney's less-than-supportive stance on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues has earned him a notable outpouring of disgust from the queer community, the above video may be the presidential candidate's first gay rap attack.

The clip, which was uploaded to YouTube on October 27 and has already racked up over 112,000 views, was created by Ripparachie (real name DeMarquis Oden), a gay rapper out of Lafayette, Indiana.

“Put simply, Romney will ruin the lives of gay people if elected," Ripparachie says in a press release sent to the Huffington Post. "Our community is very upset that he does not support us and our constitutional right to pursue happiness via same-sex marriage. The world needs to hear our concerns before it is too late – and I am committed to standing up on behalf of every American."

The rapper also notes that rather than concentrate on "traditional rap themes," he has a different focus when it comes to his tracks.

“These days most rappers only rap about sex, drugs and wealth. I prefer to focus on people and on life, with an ultimate goal of putting an end to bullying and discrimination," he says. "I was afraid to be my true self for many years – and I don’t want other people to live with the same fear."

Watch the video above and then visit his official website for more information.



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