11/02/2012 04:29 pm ET

'Bored To Death' Movie Deal 'About To Be Signed,' Says Ted Danson

Fans of HBO's "Bored To Death" were devastated when the premium cable network canceled the writer-turned-private-detective comedy after three seasons in 2011. But Ted Danson is giving them new hope that the show could be resurrected as a 90-minute HBO movie.

Danson told The Wall Street Journal that a "Bored To Death" movie deal was "about to be signed," and that series creator Jonathan Ames is currently writing the script.

Danson also revealed some plot details of the project. “I think Jason becomes a policeman, which means, for him, a traffic cop,” Danson said. “He’ll have a traffic-cop go-kart kind of thing. And I think Ray and I move in together, both of us without relationships. And then: hijinks. All hell breaks loose. That’s about as much as I know.”

In a June interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Schwartzman said that the show's fourth season was heading in a more "cinematic" direction. "The fourth season, from everything I knew, was the most almost cinematic one, it was the least like a TV show in that really was much more sprawling and intricate,” Schwartzman said.

HBO is reportedly working on a similar movie project with the cast and creators of "Entourage."



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