11/02/2012 07:13 pm ET

'Bro' Sunbathes As Hurricane Sandy Rages (VIDEO)

While many people took emergency precautions and buckled down in preparation of Hurricane Sandy, a select few took the storm as an opportunity to showboat, play-act and generally goof off in front of the ever-present cameras.

The latest video features a swimtrunks-wearing man acting out his barbeque plans, driving rain be damned. Although lighting the grill seems to be a sadly insurmountable challenge, the man gamely carries on, laying out a towel and "sunbathing" to howls of laughter from the cameraman (relationship to the sunbather unknown).

A jogger dressed in nothing but shorts and a horse head mask led the viral trend, however. "Hurricane Horse" was caught on camera by a NBC Washington news crew Monday morning.

"I guess there's an attitude with storms -- you can either be scared and hide in your house, or you can have a sense of humor about it," the reporter said during her live shot.

The horseman was later identified as Jimmy Kruyne, according to BuzzFeed.

Other videos to surface include a horseman copycat (tribute video?), featuring a shirtless man rollerblading while wearing a unicorn mask. There are also several videos of revelers taking advantage of news crews in order to get their 15 seconds of fame. (Just check out these Atlantic City partiers dancing behind CNN's intrepid reporter Ali Velshi!)

Moral of this story? Call it cabin fever or stir-crazines, it seems this storm sure brought out the strange in some people.