11/02/2012 04:14 pm ET

President's Korner: Calvin Coolidge, Man Of Few Words


The presidential election is imminent (!), which means it's time for HuffPost College's original series "President's Korner." In this edition: the tale of a raccoon who strode down the halls of the White House with abandon and a man that said very little.

President Calvin Coolidge was known for many things: his pet raccoon, named Rebecca, that he used to let roam the halls of the White House, his passion for making maple syrup, and perhaps, most adorably, the spectacularly unsuccessful Kellogg-Briand Pact. But what is Coolidge most associated with now? His penchant for saying very little.

Coolidge, more popularly known as "Silent Cal," was so notoriously uncommunicative at a dinner party, a guest made a wager that she could get him to say three words to her, according to the White House. When she informed Coolidge about the bet however, he merely said, "You lose," ending the discussion.

Perhaps Coolidge's silence was part of his disarming modesty. He once rather confusingly told the press that his administration's greatest accomplishment was "minding my own business." One wonders what would happen if a modern presidential candidate avowed the same sentiments today.