11/02/2012 12:33 pm ET

Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Awkward 'New Girl' Sex Joke Outtakes On 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

Jamie Lee Curtis stopped by "The Tonight Show" to promote her upcoming guest spot on Fox’s "New Girl," where she and and Rob Reiner will be playing Jess’ divorced parents. In an effort to make her dad jealous and get her parents back together, Jess asks NIck to flirt with her mom.

The show wouldn't let Curtis bring any of the actual scenes onto "The Tonight Show," but they did let her bring some of the outtakes. The hilarious uncomfortably clip from the upcoming "New Girl" Thanksgiving episode features Curtis and Nick flirting over a turkey.

“Goal of a turkey is to keep basting it so it keeps moist,” Curtis says. “Look at that. Just drop it all over. Oooh, it’s spraying everywhere. This has been a bad turkey,” Nick quips back.

"Don't spank that bird," Curtis jokes. “I have a hard time every time you say that,” Nick responds.

When the storyline and casting new were announced, TVLine said simply, “we approve.” And on Twitter, viewers were loving the interview.

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