11/02/2012 05:15 pm ET

David Axelrod's Mustache 'Outliers'

Sasha Issenberg chronicles the Obama campaign's targeting and persuasion efforts.

John Sides finds undecided voters likely to split evenly between Romney and Obama.

Erin Overbey discovers that complaints about Gallup's likely voter selection have a long history.

Febble sees good news for Obama in the RAND presidential election poll, despite its limitations.

NPR reports on the night a computer first predicted the next president.

David Rothschild and Justin Wolfers find a better question for predicting election results. [PDF]

Kate Phillips looks at Sandy's effect on polling.

Robert Samuelson forecasts a moment of truth for pollsters.

Harry Enten reviews five key polling matchups to be decided on November 6.

Jennifer Agiesta explains differences in polling methods and why they have become political tools.

Ross Douthat ponders a week where "everyone can look at the [polling] numbers and credibly claim to see exactly what they hope to see."

Dylan Byers says Nate Silver could be a "one term celebrity. Ezra Klein defends Silver; so do Jonathan Stray and Mark Coddington.

Dan Hopkins calls on pollsters to release response rates.

Scott Keeter discusses how polling works on C-SPAN.

Alan Murray named new president of the Pew Research Center.

Upworthy and PPP release the year's GIF-heaviest poll.

Dan Sinker keeps tabs on the continued survival of David Axelrod's mustache.