11/02/2012 11:06 am ET

Rand Paul Slams 'Nanny' Michael Bloomberg's Obama Endorsement

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), perhaps the most libertarian-leaning member of the Senate, dismissed New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's endorsement of President Barack Obama Thursday, citing his ban on soft drinks larger than 16 ounces that is currently being challenged in court.

"I don't think many of us thought that nanny Bloomberg was going to be endorsing a Republican anytime soon," he said of the Republican-turned-Independent mayor late Thursday on CNN. "We can't even get a decent-sized Coke to drink in New York City anymore. I don't think his proclivities or his sort of sense of philosophy really is Republican much at all."

Bloomberg unexpectedly endorsed Obama on Thursday, after staying on the sidelines and offering criticism of both candidates. He cited his hope for climate change legislation and urgency after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy as a reason for his endorsement.

Paul, who last June held up a noncontroversial flood insurance bill with a fetal 'personhood amendment,' was also challenged over his stance on FEMA.

"I have always maintained that FEMA should exist on money that comes in as revenue, but not on borrowed money," he said. He added that government was "inefficient" in disaster relief but still had a role to play.

"I personally though have seen up close the Salvation Army, Red Cross and others and immediate responders -- local firefighters, local policemen being much more effective," he said. "Ultimately, the federal government comes in, but really, your best chance of being saved -- your life being saved -- is by your local police or fire force."



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