11/02/2012 04:49 pm ET Updated Feb 06, 2013

Shaq Challenges Jason Whitlock To A Fight On TNT's 'Inside The NBA' (VIDEO)

Shaquille O'Neal wants Jason Whitlock to put his money where is mouth is.

During "Inside the NBA" on Tuesday night, the hosts showed a tweet sent by Fox Sports columnist Whitlock that compared the "out-of-shape" Shaq to co-host Charles Barkley, who famously struggled with his weight before becoming a Weight Watchers spokesman.

Shaq didn't take too kindly to the observation, challenging the columnist to a boxing match and insisting that his impressive girth is "all muscle." He also used his show to exact some comedic revenge on Whitlock, who isn't exactly a model of fitness himself.

"That's the pot calling the kettle black," Shaq said after the Inside the NBA team showed an unflattering picture of Whitlock asleep on a couch.

Whitlock responded in a Wednesday column in which he warned the 7'1", 325-pound, future Hall of Famer not to underestimate his fighting prowess.

"I ain’t to be trifled with, Shaq," Whitlock writes. "I’ll knock Shaq to his knees and he’ll leave the ring on the same stretcher as Keyshawn, Rison and LT."

The quarrel has garnered a bit of media attention, with the Los Angeles Times conducting a reader poll on who would win. Shaq is currently leading with 53 percent of the vote and has earned the endorsement of boxing hall-of-famer Lennox Lewis.

The former heavyweight champion of the world offered to train Shaq for the fight, causing Whitlock to reach out to another legend of the ring, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Those excited by the prospect of what's sure to be an epic fight may have to wait, however. Despite insisting on his physical superiority, Whitlock says he still needs six months to train for the bout.