11/03/2012 03:41 pm ET Updated Nov 03, 2012

Early Voting In Florida, Key Parts Of Nevada Has Democrats Ahead In Ballots Cast

Democrats have carved out an early-voting lead in Florida ahead of this Tuesday's election, carrying an advantage of 104,000 ballots cast.

Although Republicans in the state are ahead by 84,000 in absentee ballots, the Democrats' lead of 187,000 in early in-person voting gives them their widest margin yet in overall pre-Election Day voting, according to The Miami Herald.

The lead comes despite efforts by Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) and the state's GOP-led Legislature to try to prevent a repeat of Democrats' early-voting advantage in 2008. A law passed by Republicans eliminated early voting on the Sunday before the election, a day on which President Barack Obama pummeled Sen. John McCain four years ago.

The state has cut early-voting days from 14 to eight as well, the Herald notes.

In Nevada's early voting, Democrats are ahead of Republicans in crucial locales. According to Ralston Reports, Democrats hold an early-voting lead of 71,000 in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas. Nearly half of registered Democrats there have already voted by mail or in person, compared with one-third of Republicans.

In Washoe County, which includes the city of Reno, Democrats and Republicans are roughly even, with about 40 percent of both parties' rolls having cast votes already.

Both Florida and Nevada are swing states in this election. According to the HuffPost Pollster model, President Obama and Mitt Romney are in a dead heat in Florida, tied at 48.1 percent each as of this writing. In Nevada, Obama holds a lead of almost 4 percent as of this writing.


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