11/04/2012 03:41 pm ET

Mitt Romney On Obama Win: 'It's Possible, But Not Likely'

Mitt Romney said on Sunday that a reelection win by President Barack Obama could happen, but he doesn't expect it to -- a small aside but notable admission that defeat is still possible.

"If the president were to be reelected --" he said at an appearance in Cleveland, Ohio, interrupted by shouts of "no" from the crowd. "It's possible, but not likely," he said to laughter.

"If he were to be reelected, he will still be unable to work with people in Congress, because he's ignored them, he's attacked them, he's blamed them," Romney went on, returning to his usual remarks.

Romney made the comment while listing a number of ways the country would be impacted if Obama is reelected, versus the changes he would enact. He later made a more confident statement, saying "when" he wins he will make those changes.

The race remains close, but both candidates put on a positive spin for their supporters, assuring them that if they can continue to get out the vote, they will win. In Ohio, a pivotal swing state being given major attention by both campaigns, Romney is more than two points behind Obama, according to HuffPost Pollster estimates.

Romney urged his supporters to talk to undecided voters and ask them to "put aside the speeches and look at the record."



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